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I am an experienced director and have worked with Not Cricket Productions (amongst others) since 2010. In that time the company has gained a reputation for adapting classic stories and texts in an innovative fashion. We are known for our meticulous research, storytelling and our high-energy delivery. 

Recently, we have focused on creating theatrical experiences, including Standfast (2019-2020) and The Hunt for Treasure Island (2021). These were immersive adventures around the streets of Edinburgh, where participants had to meet contacts and solve puzzles. These garnered positive reviews including this five star write-up from the Edinburgh Guide

"The concept is ambitious, to say the least, but is faultless in its execution…Puzzles, intrigue and narrative playing an equal part, Standfast is a fun, roaming theatrical experience. This interactive and imaginative creation is unmissable"

More reviews can be found here

Experiences like this can help to bring heritage spaces alive and the company has worked with properties and organisations to create bespoke events from site-specific theatre to murder mysteries and puzzle-solving games. For more information on this work check out the Not Cricket website or drop us a line on